19 Travel Destinations That You Have To Visit In Your Lifetime

Everyone knows about the typical trips that you have to take at least once in your life, like visiting Rome and throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain or skiing down the Swiss Alps or trekking along the Great Wall of China. Granted, those vacations are already on your bucket list if you’ve not already had the chance to do them, but here are 19 excursions that you probably never thought of embarking on, but once you read about them, you’ll understand why they need to be added to your list.


19. Luxury in a Cannes (Cannes, France)

This luxurious week-long vacay will make you feel like a movie star! You’ll be staying in a 6-bedroom villa on the French Riviera located near a private beach, you’ll receive diamonds worth $1 million, will have a 24-hour entourage at your disposal and airport transportation in the hottest sports car of your choice.

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