Best Airports In The World… To Sleep In

Don’t you hate it when your connecting flight cancels, leaving you stranded in an airport overnight? Or maybe you just got in late and didn’t feel like shelling out the money for a hotel room? In any event, you’ve probably found yourself having to crash in an airport for a night, and it probably wasn’t much fun. While many airports don’t offer much in the way of overnight comfort, there are a few major international destinations that can actually make you feel quite at home. Here are the top 10 places to fly if you’re planning on sleeping in the airport.

10. Zurich Int’l, Switzerland

The Swiss never take sides, so of course they are a kind bunch. Nobody will hassle you if you intend to overnight it at Zurich International, and in some respects they encourage it. Unlike a lot of airport seats around the world, most of Zurich’s chairs are armrest-free. Therefore, you can stretch out across an entire row without having to do any awkward leg curling to navigate around the pesky armrests.

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