Beyond the Red Light District: What to Do In Amsterdam

You’ve probably heard about Amsterdam from anyone who has ever visited Europe, and especially from your college friends after they came back from their semesters abroad.  They probably said something about how the Red Light District is everything you’ve heard it to be, that marijuana cafes are everywhere, and that everyone bikes because that’s just what they do (50% of the population uses their bicycles daily).  Here are our top five picks as to what to do in Amsterdam that DON’T involve you making poor decisions in the Red Light District:

1. Stop by Vondelpark.

A 120-acre park that has skate rentals amid the crisscrossed bike trails, Vondelpark is one of Amsterdam’s many parks. It is home to one of the city’s biggest outdoor terraces, Blauwe Theehuis (literally “Blue Tea House”), a cafe and restaurant with national monument status. The parks sees 10 million visitors yearly.

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