Check Out The Five Biggest Soccer Stadiums for the 2014 World Cup

For most soccer fanatics (and probably most of the world) the countdown to the World Cup is one of the most exciting times ever. Soccer fan or not, you are likely to see World Cup coverage wherever you are, and probably a few die-hard fans sporting their country’s jersey with excessive pride. If you’re lucky enough to be attending such a renowned event, then you’ll likely be sitting in one of these, the five biggest soccer stadiums of the 2014 World Cup, listed here from largest to smallest:

1. Maracana, Rio de Janeiro

As the biggest host stadium for the 2014 World Cup, this stadium has a capacity of over 71,000 seats and is Brasil’s biggest football ground. Also known as the Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho, the stadium was originally built for the 1950 World Cup. For the 2014 World Cup, the refurbished stadium will hold seven games in total, one of which will be the final match.

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