See What Makes Tokyo the Best City To Visit In the World (Photos)

According to TripAdvisor’s recent 2014 Cities Survey, Tokyo is the best city in the world to visit (and Moscow ranks last, if you were curious).  Out of the 54,000 people surveyed, Tokyo came in as the city with the best overall experience.  So what makes Tokyo so special compared to all of the other thriving cities throughout the world?  Here are six things to check out on your next visit to Tokyo:

1. Roam Tsukiji Fish Market.

Home to some of the freshest sushi, Tsukiji Fish Market is ranked as the world’s largest and busiest fish market.  This means you’ll have to dodge through carts, containers, and delivery vehicles coming at you from all angles.  If you get there before 5am you’ll be able to see live tuna auctions, though the crowds and activity will be more mellowed out by 9am.  The market handles millions of pounds of seafood a day, and has the freshest sushi available.

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