The 10 Creepiest Tourist Destinations In the World

When most people travel, they do it to have fun, relax, expand their cultural and historical knowledge and expose themselves to new challenges. Lots of historical landmarks are accidentally creepy. Old cathedrals can feel menacing as you hear your footsteps echoing off their stone walls, and ancient battlefields, while peaceful, can make us feel uneasy. But these tourist destinations are especially creepy. These ten are the creepiest of the creepies. It’s good to learn about them, either so you can include them on your itinerary abroad or so you can be sure to avoid them.


1. Island of the Dolls

Mexican island with hundreds of dolls hanging from the trees to quiet the spirit of a drowned girl

This is a truly sad and creepy place, that was not a tourist destination until recent years. The Isla de Las Munecas is a small canal island in the Xochimilco borough of Mexico City. Its sole resident, Don Julian Santana Barrera, allegedly found the body of a young girl in the canal, and was haunted by her death. Soon afterwards, he spotted a plastic doll floating down the canal, retrieved it from the water and hung it up as a gesture of respect for the drowned girl. He continued to collect dolls as they floated downstream, hanging them from the trees, and even traveling to dumps to collect more dolls. In 2001, Barrera drowned in the same spot where he had originally found the body.

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