The 7 Best Street Food Cities In Asia.

One of the best and most enjoyable ways to experience a country or city is through your taste buds.

Asia in particular has many epicurean pleasures waiting to satisfy your appetite. And there isn’t even a reason to ever set foot in a restaurant: delicious dining options are around every street corner. Hungry? Here are 7 of the best Asian cities for street food culture.

1) Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

Thanks to a mix of cultures, including French colonial influences, the street food scene in this Vietnamese city is as varied as it is delectable.  A word of caution, however: the stalls and vendors are not under much regulation so visitors are encouraged to patronize popular stands with high turnover. Unless you want to risk being out of commission for the rest of your travels.

Try:  Cơm tấm (cooked broken rice with a fried egg on top), bo la lot (seasoned beef encased in a leaf), pho (noodle soup with vegetables and meat), and spring rolls. Visit the Ben Thanh or Binh Tay Markets to sample these foods and more.

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