The Big 6: Asia’s Best Music Festivals

Music is something that can be appreciated worldwide.  Whether you’re into rock, pop, electronic, folk, or any type of genre, you can find your niche all over the world.  You’re likely to find music enthusiasts wherever you go, and the only thing better than discussing your favorite band is actually seeing them play.

And let’s be honest…we all have music tastes that span across different generations and genres, not really stuck on one particular band, song, or music type.  I know that some days I sway into easy listening, while other days I need a pick-me-up or intense workout beat.  So the problem arises: how does one possibly go about seeing all of their favorite bands perform?  Well, what better way to see an awesome conglomerate of your favorite music than at a music festival!

Here’s a list of 6 huge, totally awesome music festivals in Asia:

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